Sunday, July 13, 2003

(some of you have read this already...)
this morning i had a second interview at borders. wendy, who interviewed me, realy liked me and my initiative, and said she'd get back with me about what positions were avaalable...i'd either get cashier, or cafe...just because thats where people start. I still realy wanted to work for the about-to-open shop, but hey..if not that, borders is the next best option i've got.
this afternoon my friend katherine and i happened to be (completely on purpose) by R Gabriel's, the one about to open, and i made katherine stop by so i could see if anyone was there to talk to about getting a job (i've already applied..but i'm anxious ) no one answered the we went on.
when i got home this afternoon, there was a message from borders, so i called them back and they offered me a cashier's job with the understanding that i'd be moved to cafe as soon as there was an opening. i explained that there were a few other places looking at me and asked if i could get back with them. they gave me till tomorrow afternoon to let them know my decision. (very nice of them, i thought)
so..i got in my car, drove back over to R Gabriels, knocked, and was let in. when i reminded the owner who i was, he looked at his wife and said "oh, she's the one we were talking about earlier" (good? yes) so i told him that borders had offered me a job, but i'd rather work for him..and needed to know if that were going to happen or not before i go and accept the borders position. (woah)
they asked me a few questions about myself and what i want to do...and explained where they were comming from and that they'd never done anything like this either, so we'd all have to learn it togther..then he said "sure" dang i was so excited i could have grabbed both he and his wife by the neck!
he hasn't even gotten payroll set up yet, so we're getting together on wednesday to discuss schedules and stuff.

i'm so excited about this!!!

i cant believe all of this happened in under a weeks time....
now i get to turn down a job offer happily! that doesnt happen to me every day!

thanks for the prayers and encouragement, guys. i can feel it.

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