Monday, January 29, 2007

things on my mind

checklist upon checklist!

things to do..things to shop for..things to price..things to register for...things to remember to do later...lists lists lists...

thought: registering seems realy exciting before you start trying to imagine what you actually want people to buy for you and how your list reflects on yourself....and the places which you can get the best worth from the list...and are the most convenient for everyone.

thought: some things which i was sure we could save money on by doing ourselves are starting to look like the expense is worth not having to do them ourselves...and some things are actually ending up cheaper if we dont do them ourselves....crazy!

thought: when i wasn't actually planning a wedding, i thought i was going to have a very small very simple event.. i'd even picked out a nice little outdoor location which would seat about fifty. now that i'm in the midst of plans...its bigger than that...and this is without anyone else telling me how they want it yet!

thought: if it weren't for all of the helpful checklists i've found in books, the internet, and have made (every single day i make a new list!)...i'd forget to think about cake and flowers and doctors and social security cards. ...or else i'd think about them all of the time, instead of when they come up on the timeline. thank God for the timelines!

thought: its realy hard to sit back and let michael decide on the honeymoon destination. its realy easy to waste time searching for places on my own.

thought:God knows why the craft store stop putting 40% off coupons in the sunday paper every week. it is because God doesnt want me to shop for anything when it isnt in the timeline. God, please give me another coupon when i want to shop some more :)

thought: i hope that i dont get so wrapped up in planning that i dont let anyone help me besides my mom.

thought: in less than six months...a lot of these thoughts will be done with. then come all the new ones.

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