Wednesday, January 17, 2007

coughy girl trains music man

since opening this new store, i've had the strangest difficulty in finding someone to work the hours which i cannot. we began by utilizing a couple of people from the first shop....but things kept comming up where that wasn't working well...schedule conflicts and undertraining and inconsistency from having too many people filling in... it was suggested that i hire someone new to work here with me and here only. what i hated about the idea was simply that first of all, trusting someone as a new hire to run the place when i'm not here is hard....and training them for this would be rather complicated considering the cramped spaces. i needed someone i knew, trusted, and wouldnt have to take long with training.
cue my brother...who has just started masters work and cannot work his full-time print job anymore...and was a great asset to the shop in his day!
the nick spent the last few hours of this morning "in training" here at my store. he'll be working in my place a couple of mornings a week, giving me two mornings to get other things done...and preventing me from working 55 hrs a week...letting nick have a flexiable work schedule during his music study. i think this is a perfect soloution!

another perfect soloution might be that nick knows the ins and outs of the print shop and suggested a great way to save money on wedding invites!

so..i worked in coffee for 3.5 years so that nick could work there so that nick could meet his boss at the print shop and work there so that he could then go on to finish his music study while having a nice part time job helping his sister at the job she was born he's able to save his sister and friend money on their wedding invites....because of the print shop job.

my God works in mysterious ways


Nick said...

I got free printing today! 250 sheets of staff paper printed from a PDF and three-hole punched. Of course they made me print it myself haha!

I don't know if I could swing free invitations for you.

I told someone today you "showed me around" and "trained" me, since I didn't need any training and it takes all of three small steps to cross the width of your little shop!

Fer said...

oooh. fun!