Friday, January 05, 2007

hello world of interweb. it is nice to see you today.

this afternoon of coffee is rolling by dreadfull slowly....after a morning which i dont feel bad at all about posting an entry to this thing. (trust me...if i thought that i could make you more money by sitting on the ice box instead of standing here at the counter...smiling and speaking to everyone whom i i post this..i'd do it, boss...i would!)

i've found that the only journal i can acess from the only place i regularly find any internet(work) here is where i may be more frequent...should you care to/need to know.

also means i will be keeping up with very very few of you through blogger or typepad...and no one else.

also also means i check my email every day now, instead of only once or twice a month...this is big big news! i haven't been at a place where that was possible in well over a year.

so....any of you (you know..the two people* who view this EVAR) who know people who know me...should pass on that i'm back online a little...and may be reached and spoken to in ways other than my cell phone. comments and emails...being those ways.

*make that THREE people...because a mr. roderick just commented on my previous entry THIS morning! woo! i'm becoming increasingly popular with the people!


Carrie said...

You're back. I'm back.

It was grand to hear from you.

Are you still in GA? How far are you from Columbus/Buena Vista?

I think that we must plan a visit... I will certainly be lonely when Mikey leaves for Iraq!

Anonymous said...

meep. - Fer

Nick said...

Make it four, eh, I read it. And for some reason my RSS reader in Thunderbird decided to download all of your posts again, even the ones that it already had downloaded, and mark them as "new" so that I would think you made 26 posts in one day.

Nick said...

It's about 4 hours from Columbus to Augusta.