Thursday, January 25, 2007

i've run out of things to do

i'm at work.
i'm ready to be home.
i've just finished drinking a "leftover" latte'.
i'm dancing a little bit to sufjan's Illinois album.
i'm wishing that i hadn't waited for a good reason to get back in touch with my friends.
i'm enjoying those i've found again.
i'm still wishing they all could move to where i am...even just for a little while.
i'm going to invent something to eat tonight.
i'm glad the library has movies for free.
it's felt like friday all day.
it's not friday.

lets go play outside.


Fer said...

library! THAT's what I've been missing. I need to find the Jeff City library.

Nick said...

Yeah for some reason I kept thinking this was Friday even though I'm on my Thursday schedule wich is vastly not the same as my Friday schedule.

Guess what I found today! The Italian Pie!!! I was driving around and passed it so I turned around in disbelief and pulled into the parking lot and went inside. I asked the guy working if the chain was based in New Orleans and he said yes and then I told how I used to go to the Italian Pie when it was just a single store, and a hole-in-the-wall at that!

I also called Dr. Winters today and he told me he sent you an e-mail reprimending you for not informing him personally of the wedding between two of his former students :D