Monday, February 05, 2007

stand back or i'll shoot!

wedding brain continues!
we spent the weekend playing with happy laser guns and are since registered at target, bed bath and beyond, and walmart.
after the whirlwind of gift registery had ended, i found myself pondering a great deal more over who might purchase our towels and the fact that my wonderings about how many items people actually recieve from these gift registery lists might finally come to a conclusion....instead of thinking as much about important things...such as what michael and i will be doing in way of ministry and how we will go about adjusting to living in one place and paying bills together.
i'm not overly concerned about my seeming unbalanced perspective at the least i know that Michael is thinking about it a bit more than i am...and that--even more importantly--God knows what He has in store for us....just got to trust Him...but need to come away from registry-brain and catering prices long enough to pray about it and let go of what i cannot change.

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Fer said...

i like you.