Tuesday, August 10, 2004

my roommate decided today that its not worth it for her to pay internet anymore
i think i'll decide its not worth it for me to pay cable anymore

if we didnt have cable TV, i wouldnt miss it. i grew up without it. i dont realy "love" any of the 23 stations we get now, anyhow.

but...do i "love" cable internet?

if i suggest we drop cable totally..that would be cool...i think. i could get one of the $10 a month dialup plans and just use internet spuraticaly (do i even have a modem on this thing? no idea!)...or i could keep paying cable internet, jen and carrie could keep paying cable tv..and everyone could just split the bill oddly that way....

no idea how well that would fly

OR i could drop internet totally, get a better phone plan, and keep in touch with everyone through real voice!
too bad that doesnt work out so well,. with most everyone i keep up with also using cell phones and such....would cost them and me both...so whats the use?

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