Sunday, August 15, 2004

i gave my room a decent cleaning (unpacked finally, put away three loads of clean laundry, went through a few months worth of stacked up mail and papers...)

launch is now playing frank zappa-billy the mountain. its one of the longest things ive ever heard and freaking hillarious..but aweful at the same time. "billy was a mountain, ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder"

i'm enjoying a flavor sensation my tounge, teeth, lips, and throat havent experienced in quite a long time...crushed melon jones soda. my jones soda cap says "working life will become more varied. try some new ideas"

fer, i found the newspaper i meant to bring you...i'll mail it soon as i get a large envelope in my hands. "i gave him the money...he acted real funny..he hacked up a rock and he totaled my car..i dont wanna stand here all night in this bar"

do you kids realise i havent said a WORD about our vacation? "ethel, we're going on a vacation.." such a loser.
nick posted a long entry about it though, so go read his journal..its linked to the left, there. he even made a he deserves your attention. "im glad we could have a vacation this year"

im back now, though
work is going well.
im trying to collect my thoughts on everything there and get everything running as best as it can. we're focusing on training a lot and im gradually moving into the head manager position, phasing in all the ordering and shopping and stuff as the other manager is going to be quiting soon to have a baby and be a mom.
and im not afraid of it.

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