Friday, August 06, 2004

in case anyone missed the out of bounds this week.
nick and myself left on monday for what i have dubbed "the greatest vagrantfilled roadtrip 2004"
we stopped in atlanta to visit the michael of rodericks...then after a lunch at the french cafe, we continued on to columbus, ms to stay with the family of springsteads. (many thanks for the use of the couches)
on tuesday we got a late morning start and headed for springdale, ar where we stayed with audra, girlfriend of billy. we also saw richard, husband of sarah while there. he's on a job with the new lowes, helping set it up. after a dinner of taco bell, billy had to go to work...audra and us hung out for a while, then we slept..audra went to work in the am on wednesday and billy returned home to spend time with us..but, sadly, wasnt feeling his best from lack of sleep. after some rest on his part, we were given a little sight-seeing drive and then went on our way to bolivar, mo. here we are in bolivar with fersis. yesterday we ventured out to springfield to the mudhouse coffee and tea co. nice place..ive made notes for myself about what i like there. after dallying around the city a little, we returned home to the barn in bolivar and this morning i went to the daily grind coffee shop while fer got her hair cut down the street from it. afterwhich, scrabble commenced. now we're in the barn again and im eating cantelope that is amazing.
ive spoken with darin and dharma of the 007 clan in tulsa, ok...and also have made plans with lemuel. well all meet there tomorrow and im excited. ive met neither the 007s, nor lem..and have wanted to for many moons.
we've got raes digits and hope to rendevous with his family on sunday evening before we return to georgia for life as usual and work as early as ever.

to everyone ive seen and will see this trip...much love and everyone i love that im unable to visit on this trek, many appologies. come find me.

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