Tuesday, August 31, 2004

coffee girl is actually at work today

i could write now about how horribly stressed out i am about the chaos which errupted at work on saturday..but that wouldnt be true.
i could scoff at how ironic the last peacefull entry was..but it WAS peacefull and i havent lost that.

you'd think i had.
you'd think this week would be crazy and that i'd be superhumanly busy with trying to cover everyone's duties...but im not.
i'm feeling fairly normal.

to explain..or at least sum up...
the other manager at work quit on saturday...just threw in the towell, so to speak...and informed me i needed to find someone to cover her saturday night shift. sure, it threw my afternoon for a little loop..and i did have to go to work on a night i hadn't planned on it..but it wasnt as horrible a circumstance as i could have imagined it to be.
yesterday at work i tweeked the schedule around to cover her absence for the next two weeks.
the owner came in and did inventroy and went to the store...i didnt realy have to do any more than i normally would, except that i worked a night instead of a morning.

on top of that, my sleep patterns have fallen into a very nice medium. i'm tired before midnight and wake up while its still morning, so im able to get things done before i head to work in the afternoon. this is a good thing.

and, just in case you were wondering...not all packages labeled "Denver, Colorado" come from colorado at all. some of them come from Caledonia, Mississippi.

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