Monday, June 03, 2002

so...i learned to paint..overnight?

yesterday i bought a set of cheap watercolors
and painted a couple of rainy pictures with trees and clouds and ground

tonight in church i began doodling this idea that i had..i dont have any recollection what the sermon was about, but i know i heard God's voice in there.
on the way home i bought some new paintbrushes so i could have various sizes
then i began trying to create what was comming together in my mind.

and what it has become is something i feel i shouldnt even put my name on...
do you know that feeling after you've written something...and you read over it a few times and wonder where the words came from?

i'll descirbe it as best i can...
the view is raised higher than a normal standing person would see.
it shows a room of grey concrete walls as one would find in a castle or medeival chapel and hardwood floors hade of boards about 8-10 inches wide.
the observer can see two of the walls in the view presented.
there is no furniture, only a stained glass window on one wall. (the wall in the right side of the painting)
the window is almost rectagular but with a vaulted top edge. it is a blue-green swirl color with a brown cross in the middle, a gold star at the top, and red marks at the ends of the side and bottom crossbeams.
about 5 or 6 figurative feet in front of the window there is a slim girl facing the window with her back to the observer's eye.
she is probably about 13 wearing a plain blue dress. she has black hair tied into a ponytail by a bow which matches her dress.
she is bearfoot on her knees, with a her hands held in front of her and one beginning to reach towards the cross.

i cant believe i did this.
the depth and emotion in this painting are not something i've ever seen or imagined my hands to create.

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