Monday, June 10, 2002

i did it
i moved my membership tonight
a few weeks ago the thought hit me that i could do it
that this could be a place for me
i've begun to get more invovled and to talk to people more
to invest a bit more in this church
this evening during the invitation i had this unbearable urge to go forward and join
and i knew that if i let that time pass and the service end without obeying that call...
it would be a mistake..and i would feel it
there is no doubt in my mind that this is the right place at the right time

it feels wonderful to know that i have not silenced God's word to my heart
sometimes it seems he's so quiet that maybe i've forgotten how to listen
and then he speaks perfectly clear
and i listen
and i cannot do anything but follow his direction

its strange, though
they got my address and phone number..
they took my picture
and then i was set free
no questions asked
i hope i'll hear from someone at the church during the week
i'd hate to think that they dont even ask about new members' beliefs or find out what their spiritual state is.
i know what my beliefs and state are.
i know that i'm saved
but i didnt tell them that
what if i'd been comming forward to find out about salvation?
they didnt even ask me

....still..this is where i belong....for now

ps...i got a lot of hugs :)

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