Wednesday, June 19, 2002

[a journal entry:]
I wont let rain put a lid on my worship or thought many times do we look at things as obsticles or closed doors, when all they are is an invitation to change a tradition?
I planned on taking a walk tonight--to get myself moving in a couple of directions at once, as soon as i opened the door to leave, it began to rain. I waited a few minutes for it to let up..but instead the rain came down harder and the thunder boomed.
I decided to use the rain as another opportunity to think, pray, here is sit, in a camp chair on the sidewalk by the apartment (its covered here) my legs are covered by a mist as it blows in on me, it cannot hinder me.
Change builds and produces creativity.
Creativity comes from a mind awake to possibilities.
A mind awake to possibilities is at an idel possition to see God at work.
[/end journal entry]

After i wrote this, i walked up and down the apartment sidewalk.
i reached out and let the rain gather in the palms of my hands.
i watched as people ran from their cars to their apartments, hoping to stay as dry as they could.
i watched a spider rebuild her web.

an odd thought hit me after i came inside....
you see, just before i began to leave the apartment for my walk, i came across a large spider on the kitchen floor. counting his legs he was probably about 2-3 inches wide
i freaked out! i ran to put on some shoes, i stomped on the spider, then jumped a few times, i probably cursed, even.
then only 15 to 20 minutes later, i peacefully watched another spider only feet from my home.
i dont understand why it is so different from one situation to another.

at anyrate...i'm going to go drink my tea now

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