Sunday, June 16, 2002

it has been exactly two weeks since i painted anything
it has been two weeks and a day since i began painting

one statement makes it sound as though i've had a lapse in creativity
the other makes it sound as though i've just begun

i've been doodleing
drawing with pencil a lot
faces are my challenge
i am determined to draw faces that look like normally shaped humans
not disfigured with disproportioned noses and foreheads
ive begun a project to help me in this journey
i'm calling it the NamelessFacesOnPaper project
i dont know how many faces will be in it
it could go on for the rest of my life
and end up spread all over the world
through letters and sweetener packets
and any other pieces of paper i draw on
eventually it could even get big enough to deserve a domain of its own
and people who received a face from somewhere could visit the site
and match the face they found to one on the site
i dream big
then i forget about it
we'll see
i'm just going to take this as it comes and learn from what it brings

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