Thursday, June 06, 2002

i think my brain is starting to think again...slowly
i need to change my daily routine to allow more time for it
i honestly dont let myself stop and think for any real period of it stands now.

i remember when i used to set aside like 30 mintues to an hour each night for thinking
be it taking a walk
laying in the middle of my floor in the dark
hiding on my stairwell
i knew how to take time to think.
i need to do that again....starting...when?

i cant use my blog as my excuse. it takes maybe 15 minutes max to add to my blog.
and a lot of that is spent worrying with spelling and where i should break lines and what i should say next.
real thought doesn't flow that way.
i just need to ...go... and think
i will...i realy will

(...nothing ever begins right now...)

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