Monday, May 27, 2002

i'm trying to make a regular thing of this

i'm starting to wonder if this extra job is realy going to work out. i am having the hardest time getting a time set up for the interview. i keep leaving messages on her cell phone, then i get in touch with her and she tells me to call back another time. gah! i understand that she is busy and thats what she is offering this position for. its just frustrating because i've been trying since friday to meet with her.

summer days seem so very short and long at the same time. there has been a lot of *nothing* to do..and when so much nothing fills a makes the day feel like nothing at all happened...short.
yet..i've done so little of what i started out the summer saying i would do.
i guess its still i realy shouldn't let myself feel behind already...its only beginning.
i suppose this is me trying to get a head start and i'm reminding myself that i will regret it if i dont get started now on reading the books and going for the walks and enjoying the summer.

i cant just sit here and wait for the big events to happen..its all the small ones that build up to the joy that is a remembered summer.
various people at various places have been reminding me of the little things a lot recently.

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