Tuesday, September 01, 2009

33 weeks and counting

it's been two weeks now since we found out about our little springstead. i'm about 7 weeks along, by our calculations. (we haven't gone to a docotor yet, because we're waiting to hear about our insurance approval.) In just two weeks i've already had so many adjustments to make regarding how I plan my days and how I eat. I can't just say “i'm going to the store and to run these errands tomorrow” because I have no idea if i'll feel up to all of that when the day actually comes. I've had to learn to make tentative plans, and leave room for rest before classes or other commitments. This alone has been a huge change for my list-making mentality. I'm used to being able to schedule my life and accomplish my list and then some on a good day. Now its a good day if I get one thing on the list done. I've started making lists of things to do if I have a good day...or a good hour. I see it as very good training for when I actually have the little springstead in the outside world to fit into my plans. With a baby I might not always get my lists completed, but learning now to rejoice in a little accomplishment will help that not come as a shock in 7 or 8 months. (Mom, you're a list maker...tell me how you adjusted to this!)
i'm also being reminded of lists I should be making...like if I had been writing down everything I eat and how I feel everyday...i'd know if what I eat for breakfast has a bearing on how well I feel the rest of the day. I'm testing that theory now. I had a good day today...so eggs will be considered “good.” cereal is iffy..because I had cereal yesterday and felt awful most of the day. I have had more good days then awful...so that's promising.
I started writing letters to the baby....explaining where we are in life now and just before finding out about him/her. I don't know if its something they will ever want to read, but it will at least be a good record for me....a clear telling of this chapter of our lives.
its amazing to think about just the little ideas and glimpses of what this childs life will be like with us and as they grow into adults. i often find myself looking down at my not-yet-growing belly and saying "i love you, little baby."

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TheInvisibleGnome said...

You, ma'am, are going to make an excellent mother. :D
So awesome.