Monday, August 24, 2009

job hunting

during the first hours of our drive to fort worth, I was surprised to receive a call from the seminary's office of human resources, in response to one of the several applications I'd submitted with them. Because I was driving at the time, we set up a phone interview for the following morning.

The next morning we were in Caledonia, MS...which on and off again reception for cell phones, so mike and I went to a coffee shop[ in Columbus (a few minutes away) where we could look up the job description again, and I could also be available to receive my interview call.

Upon reviewing the job description, I still honestly couldn't tell you what all the job looked involved.

20 minutes later, my interview was finished. The phone conversation had gone well, and I had been asked to come in for a face-to-face interview with the HR director. Of course, since we weren't IN fort worth yet, that interview had to wait 5 more days...till monday.

On Monday I located the office for the interview, spoken with the woman I'd been interviewed by previously, and waited to meet the director.

The interview went fairly well, I thought. I was told I was the final of a few interviews, so I'd know later that afternoon either way.

That afternoon while I was in the grocery store I received the call back from the HR office. Strangest non-hire call ever. They said they liked me, liked my background and wanted to find me a job which would fit me...though they had found someone better suited to that position. He told me to keep applying for seminary jobs and their office would also keep their eyes out for something for me, and if I hadn't heard from them about any in a few weeks, to check with them again.

I guess when the job you interview for is in the human resources department, it is almost like interviewing for a job placement office and instead getting put into their potential outside hires pool?

At any rate, I spent about three hours online saturday morning applying for jobs...child care jobs, administrative assistants, secretary jobs, office assistants, receptionists, etc...I'll check back on those lists in a few days to see if anything new has come up. For today, I'm just waiting.

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