Friday, September 18, 2009

Recently we have.....

(written sunday september 13th, 2009)

shopped for and found a new (previously leased) sofa! (we've been without our own comfortable living room for a couple of months now. It immediately became simpler to unpack the rest of our things now that I had a vision for what our living room would look like. I moved furniture to proper locations on Wednesday, the sofa was delivered on Thursday (another benefit of buying from a furniture store instead of getting something from a yard sale or thrift store is that we didnt have to move it..and not having a truck or friends that we know have a truck...that came as a huge benefit!) and I was able to hang some of our pictures on Friday! It finally feels comfortable in our living room! Mike and I are both slouching on the couch now...while he studies and I write this entry. It is so NICE to have space to be comfortable in our home!
The past week also brought a lot less of the fatigue i'd been feeling (which helped the room-arranging along greatly!) The last time I took a long nap (like i'd started to think would be the trend for the rest of my pregnancy) was last sunday! I've mostly stopped feeling so queasy too, my friend jennifer elliot suggested that I take the prenatal vitamins before bed to sleep through the nausea. Seems to be working a lot better. Is till have some bouts with feeling icky...but not as long and not as frequent.
Speaking of pregnancy...we got our insurance all lined up and I have my first doctor appointment next monday! Those weeks of waiting and not knowing how long we'd hbave to keep waiting were difficult...but thankfully, everything seemed to be going normally as far as we could tell. I mean, God's been doing this baby-growing thing for centuries....He doesn't really NEED a doctor to tell me He's doing in correctly this time. Trust trust trust.
I'm about 9 weeks along now...and will be 10 weeks when we get to go to the doctor. Isn't that the age the choose-life people said those baby-footprint pins were supposed to represent? And the little plastic babies they had too? It makes me smile to realize that the little springstead is that detailed already. Eyelids and fingers and toes and beginnings of fingernails....and so much more going on in there! God is not a procrastinator. If I were making this thing on my own, a lot of those little details might accidentally get skipped or at least put off till the night before the due date. Glad i'm not doing this on my own! (our poor child would never survive!) I love you, little springstead!

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