Wednesday, August 05, 2009

we're pretty much nomads for now

i've been thinking of starting this back up....journaling and such....especially with our move on the horizon. i feel like it would be both good for me, and good for those who would read keep in on the things which are going on in the life of myself and michael as we begin our life in Fort Worth.

i posted about this in my facebook notes, but i'm pretty sure it never made it into my i'll update everyone real quick: After much prayer, in April of this year Mike and I visited Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and began the process of enrolling him in their MDiv program. We feel very much that this is where God is calling us to go for now and will follow Him wherever He leads. Mike was accepted into the program and now we are on our way!

a week and a half ago we loaded everything up, packed most of our belongings into a couple of relocubes, moved out of our townhouse, and into my grandmother's house with whatever wasn't being shipped off ahead of us in the cubes. we've been living out of suitcases ever since.
we have almost another full week to go in this...and it hasn't been so bad..really. i love that it puts us so close to family. grandma's house is next-door to my family's we kind of stay at both places.

since then, we have cleaned out and officially sold our house, donated a lot of things to thrift stores, almost completed our days at each of our jobs, and nearly gotten the items we are storing in mom and dad's attic packed away. we also got this new computer! (a necessity for the seminary student in the family)

(i had a list of all the "last" things i will do this week...but it was kind of i took it out)

next tuesday we'll hit i-20 and be on our way. we're actually not scheduled to move into our 520sq ft apartment till that thursday...but we chose to leave a day sooner so we could see Mike's family a little before school begins.

I'm sure if i'd let myself think about it, i would get sad about leaving our friends and family here in the Augusta area...but right now I'm just so ready to be done driving, done unloading our things, and done living out of suitcases without my own kitchen...i want to begin setting up our home and getting to know the community and the area we'll be in for the next several years. it all feels like a great unknown adventure from here...and considering that i know the One who knows the paths this adventure will take us on and He is leading the way...i'm not scared one bit. just very excited to be in it as it all unfolds...

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