Thursday, August 06, 2009

the job hunt has begun

i really want to work on i can get to know the seminary family and be close to home. i'm not against applying for off-campus jobs, but if i can get something in that area, i'd be really happy. (the campus coffee shop has not posted any job openings as of yet)

i hope it doesn't look over-eager to have just submitted 4 applications to the online job listing at swbts....i figure each one goes to the person in charge of each individual i should cover all the bases. im particularly excited about the conference center event coordinator job...i'm starting to learn that i thrive in that sort of atmosphere. i hope i said enough good things about myself in that application! i applied for a few secretary jobs on campus a few weeks back...but i didn't have a current resume to attach, and i forgot to add more than one past job (because you have to click on a button to get fields fo more than one job history...) here's to waiting!

i'm thinking i'd rather wait till we get to town to apply for off-campus jobs, so i can see how far they are from our home...and see the businesses in person first. i promise i'd be less picky and more "give me anything" if we didn't already have that house-money in our bank account. i like being able to be a little choosy and relaxed about this.

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Nick said...

Don't feel bad about applying for a number of positions, especially with something like an online application thing at the school, and especially with the job market in the bad condition it is in right now.

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