Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If you see them, will you love them like i do?

as i stand here in this after day...and i smile at as many people as i possibly can...and i know that i'm here for THIS...i begin to wonder..what is "this"?

what do i say to the woman who buys a smoothie or two every time she has an appointment..and tells me how well they settle her stomach during her chemo treatments?

what do i say to the man who says "pile on all the good stuff" as i make his hot chocolate...who is trying to decide where to go for his hospice stay while he simply waits on the end of it?

how do i encourage those who are stuck roaming these after day...feeling trapped because of something they cannot change...?

i watch some go from freedom....while the others i see fall in the other direction...from chair...and then i just dont see them anymore...

i watch men objectify women and say all sorts of improper things..and i watch women (and men, too) feel unlovely, lonely, or forgotten

yet...i love being here..i know that what little i do is something...but what more can i do...from behind this counter?

If You See Them
(sherri youngward)

My Father’s heart broke today
His children ran away
His children slipped out the back door
His children He loved and adored
And He said
Have you seen your brother Have you seen your sister
Where is your brother Have you seen your sister

If you see them will you love them like I do
And maybe they’ll remember who I am
I’d give anything and everything I have
Just to bring them back again

My Father paces the floor

I’ve never seen Him like this before
He says He won’t restUntil they’re all safe and sound
He says He won’t rest until they’re all found


Fer said...

This makes me smile -- and almost cry. Sounds like you are showing those you work with what I have known for a long time -- that you are a blessing. Sounds like they are blessing you as well.

Fer said...

I'm being asked on Vagrant if we are really sisters. You should go respond =0)

coffee girl said...

cant get to vagrant from my response would be about a week late, by the time i could


Fer said...

Considering I only stop by about once a week, that shouldn't be a problem ;0)