Wednesday, February 14, 2007

may i help you?

yesterday afternoon as i was arriving home from work, my phone rang and this is about how the conversation that took place proceeded:

me: hello?
caller: hi, this is erica from David's Bridal, i was just calling to make sure you have everything you need for your wedding.
me: (laughing)
me: its kind of in process
erica: (laughs also) oh, i'm sorry, i guess that was a silly question.
(conversation continues briefly...but that was the amusing part)

add to that the customer earlier that morning who was insisting that i am not prepared enough and that i should have already picked out and ordered my invitations and flowers and food, etc...

she simply would not rest assured with my claiming that i do have a timeline and lists to work from...she proceeded to make her own vocal list of things for me to prepare.

..and i just cant tell my daily customers "please shut up and let me do this myself! you are certainly not being HELPFUL with your *advice* "

if this keeps up, i'll just start lying to people... like this:
them: so do you have everything ready for "the big day"?
me: (option a.) we elloped. (option b.) yep. everything's planned and paid for.
them: (option a.) well, that's nice. (or, if they are paying attention.... b.) are you serious???


TheInvisibleGnome said...

Hah. Elopement is not a bad idea. We did it. But yeah. Stress.

TheInvisibleGnome said...

oh, btw, this is SARA

Sam said...

You still have lots of time! Goodness! Don't let everyone freak you out. If you have your dress, you're doing GREAT - that's the most important thing, it "sets the tone" for the whole wedding! Oh, how I wish I could come, my sweet Bekah, but I know you'll be the loveliest bride, and Michael will be dorkily charming and sweet, as always. (I say dorkily with great affection. I call my own husband a nerd.)