Tuesday, February 27, 2007

five months from tomorrow

i'm in a bit of calm right now....its its rather surreal.

the first month was a whirlwind of teling and reading and deciding and making lists

this month was the realization that i dont have to do it all at once..and that i can't do it all at once

next month will be the calm moving forward with just what needs to be done

then the following few months will be when i have to take this planning brain up another notch again

and i dont even want to think about what all will have to come together those last couple of months

but in five months....i'll be collected and ready and excited


Fer said...

Heck yeah you will be!
And in three weeks, I'll have another leg to stand on (woot!). Then plane tickets shall be purchased!

coffee girl said...

plane freakin ticket!!

Fer said...

heck yeah!