Tuesday, March 06, 2007

because samantha asked how plans are going...

...and i have so few regular readers, i like to respond to them as proptly as i am able!

(i'd realy love for my readership to go up again...darn me taking so much time away from this blog!)

my goal for this week is to finally choose where we're ordering invitations from and what those invitations will look like.....hopfully all the way down to the wording...but that depends on when michael can work with me on that part...because i have a feeling he'll be better at it than i will.
(....i like run-ons....)

i'll at least make all the needed print shop visits and various phone calls and such this week to know where i can afford to best decide from...
...and by the end of next week weed down the invite list some more and redefine it...and fill in the blanks....
...and before march ends...we'll have them ordered so that we can get them back, address them, and have them going places before summertime is on us.

(ps....email me addresses if you would like to be included in the mail outs....i'll do my best to send to those who want to come! rjgosey at hotmail dot com.)

i also get to start deciding about shoes. i know shoes dont seem like anything difficult to choose to some people...but for me, i have a few criteria which must be met.

1. white shoes. not clear...not silver...not with gaudy metal stuff....not with ribbons to wrap around my leg.
2. heels with a little width. i cannot stand on toothpick heels...i'd die trying. but...i do want heels...otherwise, i'd just buy some slippers at belk and not be concerned with this at all. i am concerned. i want shoes that make me a little taller. (or maybe just a touch above short, as the case seems to be)
3. do not cost a rediculous amount. we're on a budget here. i like $20 enough.... i do not like $40... i'd need medication if i spent $70.
4. would go with things i wear after the wedding. i dont have any white shoes anymore...so while i'm shopping for some..they should be a little bit univesal.
5. dressy shoes. not flip flops... or brown heeled casual sandals...or the other beachy wear trend of white shoes i keep seeing.
6. i have to have this by the end of april. thankfully...its almost spring..so i should be able to find these soon.

recap: 1. please read my blog. 2. invitations soon. 3. shoes also soon.


Nick said...

Is it even possible to find low-end dress shoes that cost less than $40? I can't even find low-end crap shoes that cost less than $40 and dress shoes would be base price around $60.

Fer said...

For women it is entirely possible to find dress shoes around $20. One of the advantages of being a girl, I suppose =0)

I guess we need to talk soon about your shower -- before I get any more bad ideas (I just now thought "hrmmm. . . we could make it shower themed and have soap everywhere")

coffee girl said...

yes, you can find womens dress shoes under $20 but i have yet to prove if they are comfortable enough to purchase.

Nick said...

Wow, I can't even find uncomfortable non-dress shoes for under $40. Comfortable dress shoes are upwards of $150. This is quite possibly the reason that most guys don't have 1500 pairs of shoes. That and the fact that having that many shoes is a form of insanity. :)

I own three pairs of shoes, four if you count flip-flops. And one of those is an old pair that I keep around for yard work.

But the other two pairs were $70 and $150. The ones I wear daily were the $150 ones and after wearing them for over two years with very comfotable feet I am very happy having spent that much on a pair of shoes.

coffee girl said...

most of the shoes i own cost between $5 and $15 at the time of purchase

i adore being a girl :)

Sam said...

Boys do have it harder, I suppose - even though Beaux wears his shoes to absolute shreds, so if we did spend 100 or more dollars, it would be worth it.

Sending you good thoughts on the invitations. We got ours from a "print shop" kinda place (Copy Cats) and I loved them, they were SO PERFECT. And I know that you and Michael are sensible enough to not get goopy with the wording. :) I'll be sending you our address, if you feel like sending an invitation to people you KNOW can't come!