Saturday, February 12, 2005

you non-dancers are REALY missing out....dont you know you dont have to be GOOD at it?

this is turning out to be a realy quite fabulous weekend!

last night,
in celebration of a friend of mine's brithday, a group of ten or so friends went to the lounge at the partridge inn for a little bit of jazz and dancing. its so very rare that we all get to sit around and talk to each other...share funny/amusing stories...act silly..and dance. the woman singing was a lot of fun, too...she had some strong lungs and a fabulous aditude.

is yet another birthday roommate's birthday is on valentines we're celebrating her tonight. first is italian food and then a group of us are going to the Augusta Ballroom Dance Center for their "second saturday dance"...a small group went last year for my birthdaya nd it was awesome...the instructors move around the room helping teach steps during the open dance session. i think we've actually got enough guys going to match with the girls...which is always a hard thing to come up with...thus the reason its been a year since i went.

and finally,
on monday night the guys of my church singles group are taking all of the girls from the group out on the town...they've kept the plans a secret..all i know is that its formal...there are no dates involved...and the girls are all getting ready at certain specified houses...and we'll be picked up by the go wherever it is we're going.

i'm loving how much fun it is to hang out with mixed groups of people without any specified couples...girls and guys enjoying each other with no preasure relationships and third wheel syndrome...and these guys actually treat the girls as the fabulous ladies that they have grown to be.

** and..finally **
** to a select few **
** cupid might pay you **
** a visit soon **
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