Sunday, February 13, 2005

my car isnt in my driveway aparently out one starter. that makes things dificult..ya know..when trying to start the car.

good thing is...i was in my church parking lot when i discovered this i wasnt alone...i had my friend luke to stand around with while i waited on my dad to come give me his verdict. luke figured out that he didnt know how to fix it because he's not familiar with hondas...more good news is that my parents live here now so that dad was ABLE to come give me the called my uncle who works in a garrage his dad started....where it will be towed tomorrow morning...and dad was able to drive me home...and my roommate has tomorrow off so i can use her car to get to at least i have lots of good things rolling for me in spite of it all...right?

im pretty sure i can swing the work schedule around to give myself tuesday off....should i not find a vehical to drive while mines out of comission. dad said my uncle might have a big gas-eating truck i can drive for a few days...i'd get a kick out of that :)

if i dont get a car to use, i can enjoy getting closer to my friends and neighbors while asking for rides places...i could use some bonding time with them, yes!

here's to hoping it doesnt cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed...or that if it does, maybe i could just....spend my money wiser and buy something else with some of my savings account.

i love my car..but dangit..he doesnt always love back...ya know?

(the optimisim displayed in this entry is kind of sickening, aint it? i realy AM smiling! oh, for the grace of God, i am smiling!)

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