Friday, February 11, 2005

the faithfulness of god

it almost seems redundant to think about god and then point out his faithfulness...but thats where my thoughts are at this moment.

God's faithfulness to me today became more aparent when i was going to pay my student loan payment for the month...and discovered that my previous payment never went i was to pay TWO payments plus a little late fee...i could have SWORN i'd set that payment up to automaticaly withdraw..but aparently a computer glich on my end made that never go through. however, God is faithful..the late fee was small..and i have now paid both months payments.

this prompted me to examine my checking account quite closely and thus, i discovered that i've been off in my calculations for the last TWO months by a fairly significant amount. (under, not OVER as one would think from THINKING i'd paid a bill) its not that i havent been writting things down..its that i miss-calculated one transaction two months ago and had myself thinking i had about two hundred more dollars in the bank than i do in reality have. i found my error...checked my figures with the online ones..and found that, contrary to what should normally happen...I haven't overdrafted at all during this whole mindless time. even with buying myself a new camera and making a nice music order last night before discovering my financial struggles...God is faithful.

so, now my bank account is significantly smaller than i would like it to be...but..again..god's power bill is due on wednesday and i get a paycheck TODAY!

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