Tuesday, February 15, 2005

1. my car is back and feeling fine

2. my weekend plus yesterday was realy fun....here are a few shots from the events!
the captions tell the story in short. i wish there was a shot of how awesome my hair looked last night after carrie did it all up in pinned curls...but we were having too much at the valentines party to bother with taking good pictures :)

oh..and here's a link to a bunch of pictures from last night taken by one of the guys...there are hundreds there..so here are some specific ones to see, if you'd rather not browse them all:
my roommates and their table attendants
jen's lovely curled locks
my table mates and myself
my entrance on dexter's arm
carrie (my roommate) with adam
carrie and mikefox dancing it up
adam and jen making some moves of their own
we were brought to the party by limos!

1 comment:

Peter said...

Dexter doesn't look very happy to have such a femme fatale on his arm.