Thursday, December 16, 2004

A year ago round now
I endeavored upon a great fall.
Not accidental, but thought out and acted upon
and now I stand looking back.
I see the height from which I fell.
Also see I from whence I’ve come
and to where
and I reason that the falling wasn’t a falling in fear,
because I knew that the going
would not be as though falling
-from a cliff into a rocky bottom-
but more as coming
-to a drop off-

From where I then was looking down
I saw bellow me a gentle river
and lush green things with wild flowers and shades of emerald
and the verdure sparkled.
There was music within each ripple of the brook
dancing ‘round rocks who were calling me to dance along.
I knew that in the valley there’d be dancing for me
all around and beneath and above me.

(and these, only the describable visions,
for there were bellow a many beautiful thing
as humankind may never have seen before
and certainly I could never describe here.)

Thus in me was created a glad expectation
and with it, an unquenchable desire
to experience the beauties of the valley.
This desire compelled me to let myself scale that ledge,
though difficult and possibly dangerous..and definitely messy.

I descended and I was caught up within the glorious enjoyment.
In the treats of the unexpected falling in.
And now, after I’ve come through the ravine,
I find that I am glad for the tumbles
these scars can only make me smile of the memories.

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