Wednesday, December 22, 2004's the thing work tonight one of my employees sisters comes in with some friends of hers...we're all happy and cheery and stuff..

dude (friend of employees sister): i'll need two medium chais
me and the girls behind the counter: (urging that at least one be chai cider instead of plain chai)
dude: are you becca?
me: yeah
dude: i'm stalking you on the internet
me: what!?!
dude:...through your blog
me and girls behind the counter: (exclaiming about how creepy that is)
dude: (tries to not sound like he meant to be creepy)

later, while i'm making the drinks...
dude: i was just surprised to find someone else from augusta and then i thought you were a friend of mine and then found you werent
me: did you ever say anything in there?
dude: no, just read it for a couple of days

a little more later...
wife of dude: i'm sorry that my husband scared you...he's realy a nice guy
me: that was REALY creepy, though. i be more interesting in the next few posts, so as to entertain the stalking readership...or should i sudenly try to be as boring as possible, to deter?

on a side...
dear peter,
you should like to know that a friend of mine at a christmas party was biding people farewell in elvish ("namarie") it should also be noted that chad..the a music and theatre sort, too. so..that makes a total of TWO people who may regularly use elvish speak around me at any given being the first, of course.


Will Sansbury said...

yeah, so, uh, "stalking" was a bad choice of words and all... but, uh, hi. I like your blog.

will the creepy stalker guy

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs an Internet stalker -- and sounds like Will is a nice one to have ;0)

Nick said...

Hello internet stalker stalking my sister! :D I work at said coffee shop, as well, so beware!!! Muwahahaha!! *chokes and dies as he laughs*

Chad is also an English major type person. The REALLY funny thing about that night was when Chad and an 11 year old girl had a Lord of the Rings trivia contest between the two of them, pulling from sources like Silmarillion. Espicaly when the 11 year old girl stumped Chad who has read the Silmarillion three times and can quote many things from it.

Peter said...

I'm thinking of changing my name to Neithan.

shane said...

i had a blogger here in memphis i'd never met before recognize me while i was taking photos at the fair once.

she didn't introduce herself, but it was still odd...

i don't think that counts, so i'm still waiting on my first stalker...