Thursday, June 12, 2003

***note my little heart is pounding with coffee shop excitement from this next bit of news!***
Tonight my grandmother and i went to a harp concert. before the concert started, a man asked if he could sit on the bench next to my grandmother and i. i looked up and to my surprise, it was Johnny Carr! We used to go to church with him! of course, i was 8 at the time, so i knew he didnt recognize i said "HEY!" and then followed that with "I'm becca gosey!" and he then knew who i was and said he'd never have known it was me. Johnny used to lead a lot of things for the kids at Curtis Baptist Church during the summer..i was one of those kids. He and his oldest son, Jeremy, were there for the concert. Jeremy is a youth minister now at a church in the area and is attending the new orleans semenary via atlanta extention center.
anyhow..on with the news.. Johnny asks me what i'm doing and all..and i tell him about my desires to open a coffee shop and he asks "like..a downtown coffee shop?" and i can tell he's got some great idea in his head at this i'm like "yeah, probably. i'm not realy sure yet where, or when, or how..but yeah" and he starts telling me about this old closed theatre building across from the imperial theatre on broad street in Augusta. He told me that he's talked to the man that owns it..and he doesnt want to sell it...but he has told Johnny that he would sell it to HIM if it were to be used for christian events and such. Johnny wants to use it for a family oriented thatre company sort of thing for kids in the area. he told me that he'd already talked about how the lobby area would be absolutely *perfect* for a coffee shop. he said that the front is in great condition still, though the theatre part needs a lot of work. he says its all marble floors and has 1940s decor. mmmmmm
so...if he and i could get these dreams put together...wemay be onto something great!
the guy wants 350,000 for the whole place..but johnny wants to talk him down to 200,000...and maybe get curtis Baptist to buy it for use for passion plays instead of having to rent the imperial for 1000 per day for a week every year.

anyhow..i'm going to be praying about that..and checking out what i can do about money and stuff..this is the motivation i need!

ALSO..he asked me about what i play musically..and i barely had time to mention that i just got a cello before he was all excited asking me to come play with the orchestra at Curtis because theyve been praying for a cello player to come to them! ack! again..motivation i need! i'll probably visit the church soon and see if he can give me a copy of the music to see how dificult it may be to learn.



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