Monday, June 16, 2003

its a rainy day...and what better is there to do on such a day than to write about it?

its a rainy day...and what better is there to do on such a day than to write about it?

i dressed sort of decently today..because grandma and i had plans to find one of the coffee shops in Aiken and then go to a concert in a park there...but we just found out the concert has been have our plans.

now wearing:
-black racer-backed tank
-creame colord chrocheted openwork sweater thingy with realy neato sleeves
-jeans with three or four inch cuffs
-satin slippers that i wore for my recital and wear now because they keep my toes warm and my feet happy in the house.
-hair messy-curly-happy

now hearing:
-Jessye Norman singing the songs of Alban Berg (mmmm i could just eat her voice!)
-Jeff Buckley...untill i decided that the streaming was slowing the computer down far too much
-starflyer 59 (the yellow album?)

i've been working on finding my way around this place. The other day i went to wal-mart and purchased three maps: one of the North Augusta/Augusta area, another of georgia, and one of south carolina. I came home and immediately spread all three out on the bed and examined them..connecting things i know with things that i vaguely remember. I've also begun trying to locate the three or four coffee shops i've read about in the area. soon i will venture out to find them and hopefully these maps will help me know where i am, should i get lost on the way.
*briefly leaves the computer*

*returns with a glass of water*
on my way back to the computer i paused in the enclosed back porched and gazed into the backyard for a moment. I've decided that the word to describe it is "magical." the way the yellow sky drops bits of rain down upon the slightly overgrown hedges surrounding bricked walkways leading in various directions...seems simply...magical.

i've recently begun reading about this business of starting a small that if this coffee shop thing is realy what i want to do...i will at least know a bit more about what it takes to do so. I've been reading about small business administration on the internet..and taking various enterprunuership(sp?) quizes, and reading the book that mom and dad gave me for my birthday on starting and running ones own coffee specialty business.
Completely disrelated...saturday grandma went to the libraryand checked out for me a volume containing four C.S.Lewis books: Surprsed By Joy, Reflections on the Psalms, The four Loves, and The Business of Heaven. I've begun The Four Loves..but due to the distractions of this computer..i've only made it into the second chapter thus far.

the rain has slowed now to a gentle sprinkle and the thunder, though frequent, seems to have moved off into the distance...

np: Ferne Lieder (Distant Songs)
A cypress grove,
ancient springs flowing.
Above the sea in the evening glow
black swallows are darting.

From the white villa
comes a sweet lament:
a woman playing and singing
songs of another day.

A great silence is spun,
the fountains rise;
and the distant songs are
silence turned to sound.

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