Monday, June 30, 2003

green tea in a colbalt blue glass mug never looks steeped.


i'm watching knight rider.
i havent seen this show since i was like..7...i swear. but i used to watch it ALL the time when i was little....its a part of me.
did david hasselhoff EVER lose the curly mullet look? and is that mr. feeney i hear?

anyhow..nothing big happening here...the family is still in town..staying an extra day due to tropical storm bill.
i still havent started the job hunt..becuase i was waiting for them to leave before bothering with it.

next weeks plans include:
.revise resume.
.get, fill out, and return job applications to all number of places.
.go see dr. john bryan at the baptist association office.
.meet whoever it is that john bryan told dad about who wants to do some sort of coffee shop ministry.
.find a music store to buy a tuner from.
.read a book.
.call rebecca butler and find out if we have anything in common anymore...i may have TWO friends remaining in town!

yeah....pitiful, aint it?

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