Wednesday, June 18, 2003

it seems i've been rather longwinded lately...looking at my last number of entries.
its a side effect of having a lot of extra time to spend in front of a computer...and a lot of time to process everything that happens within a day.

today i explored.
i drove out washington road to Serendipity coffee shop. i discovered that it is brand new..about to celebrate its three month anniversary. i took my coffee shop journal with me..(place where i've begun keeping note of various things having to do with opening a coffee shop)
i'm kind of split on my feelings about the place...
Its a cute little shop with potential to become a great hit with those who live on that side of Augusta (its realy about 17 miles outside of augusta.)It has both a downstairs room full of tables, and a loft room with tables, cushioned benches, and a number of games--including scrabble and some table tops designed as ready-made checker boards. the downfalls are...they only keep a regular and decaff brewed coffee..and they didnt have hot tea, as far as i could tell. I prefer having a couple of coffee options besides espresso concoctions...and some days one just wants a cup of tea. however, i do realise that the money is in the espresso drinks....and this place, being very new, needs the money. so...wise choice? perhaps. it also has a tendency to look rather sterile--ina hospital sense...and cookie cutterish, which is increased by their pride in serving Starbuck's coffees.

at any rate, i'll probably go back....especially since they stay open to the times that a coffee shop with any sense should-11 pm during the week and midnight on weekends. i'll support that as i am able.

I still have three or four shops to track down and sample. nothing like driving around with a map open in the passenger seat and always keeping eyes pealed for street address numbers. :)

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