Thursday, July 20, 2017

Praise God, our provider!

 I've been scrambling all over the internet for a few weeks for money saving and money making ideas. Weighing work at home or local part time job options and trying to come up with *anything* to fill in the gaps in our budget. Dreading time-wasting internet surveys and minimum-wage job interviews.

But God, ya'll.

God placed one long-time friend on my mind. I sent her a message asking if she would keep me in mind, should she ever need an assistant for her business. Her response was that she had just *that night* said to her husband  that she needed someone else to help her with a small area of her business....but that it was an area she needed someone she trusted.

I met with her tonight to go over the details and I am just in awe at the way God drew us together to help both of our families at just the right time.

It's not even the first time that God has blown me away by his timing and orchestration with this exact friend. Our God is so amazing!

I still covet your prayers for Mike and I to grow together in budgeting better...we have a long way to go....

but I am so thankful for a Father who doesn't leave us in the dark. He doesn't  just provide our needs...but provides them wrapped in His love through our community of friendship!

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