Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A reboot. A restart. A renewed drive to remember.

I think I'm reviving my blog. Will any of my former readers be notified that I've  posted again? Do I have "followers" still? Should i hone in on a certain aspect of our life?  It's been years since I updated this - at all - and I never completely updated the parts about Mike's sickness and health. I'm fairly certain I'm in no mood to delve deep into the emotion involved in completing that story.

Let's just pick up with today.

Hi! I'm Becca.

If you stick around I might write about being an at-home mom of three. You might read about being a second-generation homeschool family. There may be posts about my semi-crunchy parenting. I might write about coffee  or the geeky or dramatic shows I like. There may be entries about bargain hunting. Could post about music or art or crafts or prayer life.

I'm not going to compartmentalize my blog any more than I do my life...its just me. If any of those things sound like you, stick around :)

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