Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Campbelltown, Hamburg, Hammonds Ferry, Hampton Terrace, North Augusta

I've been taking in a lot of North Augusta area history recently....through searches online.
Tonight, however, we were able to  watch a set of historical talks about who began the town called Hamburg, how the railroad came to the area, the rise and fall of the Hampton Terrace Hotel, who settled here before this area was ever dreamed of as North Augusta and what they did, how they traded, how they traveled.

These were lectures which someone had videoed and then copied to dvd from vhs by the Nancy  Carson  Library (North Augusta's public library)...which i happened to see on the shelf while avoiding the downpouring lightning storm this afternoon.

I'm so glad to have the resources we do to feed my curiosity about bricks and streets and the really old homes scattered among the midcentury neighborhoods. It really is helping put all these pieces  together to understand the land we live on...and how very different it could have been if events had played out differently...

I'd post some links to sites I've looked at for tales of these places, but I'm not certain of each story tellers validity,  so I'll let you Google those yourself.

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