Monday, July 31, 2017

A mom. A broom. A trash bag. A mission.

An "I spy" bottle full of colord rice and various small objects was dumped all over one of my daughters' beds this afternoon.

 I sent them out of the room, shut the door, and  forbid them from entering it till i could address the situation.

While everyone else ate supper I took a trash bag and a broom to their room.

 Mom with a trash bag and a broom means whole room is getting  swept and reordered.

Once I started I decided one of their beds needed a new location to keep it from getting so much "lost" underneath (she squirrels things away) the whole thing is in a mess right now and they will be getting to stay up a bit later tonight for me to fix it.

Also...I've told them they will not be allowed back in their room after they get up in the morning without my permission. Let me enjoy the clean room for a few hours.

Have you ever grounded your kids out of their room?

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