Tuesday, March 15, 2005

warning: disjunct and not thought out!

yes..so..as i said, i am feeling surprisingly, a lot better than i expected to this soon.
i can take no credit for this mystery....for the Lord of all mysteries surely had a hand in this...and for this, i am thankful and undeserving.

so..wednesday i was dead..thursday i rested well and got half my work shift covered by someone else...i worked 6 to 10pm and then came home for a friday off work again. friday i didnt need as much rest...but i cleaned up the house from my previous two days of uselessness..and then went to my parents hosue for diner and a movie..and some coughing. yes, on friday i hed begun a nice deep cough. saturday morning i arrived at the coffee shop ...shortly after, i hear word that a wall was to be knocked down during the course of the day...hooray! of course, this chaos fit well with my health..as i was actually feeling much energized from my fully rested past days. we bought out 12 feet more width to our store along the same depth as the store already has..this space is to serve foremost as bulk storage space so that we can stop running out of things all of the time for lack of space to keep enough...and about 6-8 square feet will accomidate as a small office space for a computer and files and such as we have not got room for currently. (one of our main computers sits atop a kitchen refridgerator at this time!) we will also be making part of the new space into a party/conference room which people will be able to rent-out or whatever and can be opened up for overflow space during exam study sessions. i think it will be very good for the store...yes.
hah.i love how i started this to be talking about ME and i ended up talking about WORK! yeah..thats how my mind travels here lately.

so..the short of it is...i was sick..now im feeling a lot better except for coughs...and things at work are getting very interesting...and i just got a "promotion" which means i can continue doing everything ive been doing without feeling like im doing too much for my job title....and that i can justify creating a schedule for myself that i like that wont be constantly in flux.

aside: i washed my sheets and blankets and comforter today...i cant WAIT to get into a clean fluffy bed! :)

aside 2: i wish i had put my thoughts and words about the free laptop deal in as sucsinct a fashion as nick did in his journals...


yourbrokenoven said...

i hadn't realized that wall-knocking-down was your thing.

Anonymous said...

The monkeys are not responsible for my face. My face is a thing of beauty...not evil. The monkeys only stand for all that is evil in this world. I stand for all that is good. Remember...my butt is a Mecca...pray to it and it will deliver you.


Anonymous said...

I miss you too, Bweka. Maybe I'll get to visit you and Nick sometime.