Tuesday, March 22, 2005

day three of voicelessness

..and now im a mutant! (warning..this might be gross once described..because it sure looked gross to me) so...not only was a completely voiceless this morning at work...but my eyes were all runny and gross....only...this was thicker than what id consider normal for eyegoo. this was definitely where the term "eye booger" came from. i didnt eraly realise the reality of it till i was in my car about to make a coffee shop grocery store trip and i looked in my mirror to clear the corners of my eyes..when i saw a largish GREEN glop in my eye! yes..GREEN. i pulled my lower lid away from my eye and nesteled in that little pocket was a larger mass of green booger. YUCK! i got a kleenex and removed the eyegunk so i could go in the store without scaring everyone.
of course, rubbings eyes turn red and start to hurt....and blur up with more boogers! ack!

glad to now be home, i've discovered that washing boogery eyes with warm water and a very soft washcloth makes them less irritated and the goo is thinner..and not green.

gosh..that was the grossest!

and ive just remembered that we're scheduled to take a family picture tomorrow afternoon...hah! wouldnt that be awesome? i'll either have red irritated eyes...or normal eyes with GREEN BOOGERS in them!


Anonymous said...

green eye goop = infection. going to the doctor?

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree with anonymous. I think you should probably have that checked out.


coffee girl said...

im happy to calm your worries...the green stuff hasnt been seen since yesterday afternoon when i got home from work. i assure you..if greens tuff had continued, i would have had myself checked out.

no green stuff.