Monday, March 21, 2005

i have lost my voice

i think this is the first time ive REALY lost my voice. there have been times when ive been sick and then ive kept talking when i shouldnt have and worn my voice out....but this is different.

what i have going on now is: i was sick...i thought i was nearly better..i got a realy sore throat...and then i rested my voice because i didnt WANT to ruin it (i sat through a two hour choir rehearsal without making a sound!)...yet it disapeared anyhow. and my throat still hurts much.

hi, im becca the mute.

well, i can still make a little bit of sound..but its like...its like at the level of a nice, non-raspy whisper.

and of course, i have not one..but TWO easter choral concerts this week. hoorah!

oh..and the zoo? that didnt get to happen. jabbo was right.

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