Wednesday, March 09, 2005

i feel as though i've barely existed for the past four days...when i havent been busy doing things..ive been asleep. so here i am, halfway through a week and i feel as though its just begun. saturday i got a job promotion which pretty much keeps me doing the same stuff ive already been doing...and gradually working into more things and learning to delegate a bit more than i do...and i get a little bit more money. i struggled for WEEKS about if i wanted to or to not accept this promotion...i have no idea why i was so afraid...but here we go.
sunday i helped my friend anna feed all of caedmons call and their roadies. who KNEW it could be such a huge job? anna made from scratch their breakfast, lunch, and diner...for around 30 people. i helped transport food from the church kitchen to the college auditorium..i was a lot less help in the kitchen. anna amazed me with her kitchen organization skills on her two hours of sleep.
monday and tuesday i was exauhsted after long work i slept through from the late afternoons to the early evenings.
today is my day off...i'm paying bills..and watching dawsons creek...and NOT being at work.

hey....i have a chance to get a free laptop..and maybe you could get one too...if you help me out.

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