Sunday, November 10, 2002

back from a week of nothing to do but be places i've never been and see things i've never seen.
a new term begins.
i still dont know how i faired in the last the skin of my teeth..
i begin anew
i must MUST must

i'll write in full thoughts now.
i spent last week in indiana with my roommate, my brother, and two other friends of ours.
we saw chicago and visited indiana university.
visiting the school only further showed me how ready i am to just be OUT of school for a while.
no graduate school is seen in my near future.
not because i can't do it...but because i dont WANT to.

i spent the lastpart of the break in Hammond, LA for NATS (vocal conference/contest)
i didn't get to see cheri and litha.
or skot...

(it was your birthday...sorry i missed it..
It kills me that i was so close to you the whole weekend..but couldnt get to you.
How did i become so detached from your life?)

I wish i could just press fast forward through the next six months
yet still excell in my school work.
time is not my own these days.
i now have four jobs... school... carpenter's wood...
...I'm part of three churches (two account for two of the previously mentioned jobs)
what? i have life to fit in as well?

God, help me.
perhaps i should have asked that to begin with.

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