Sunday, August 25, 2002

i've been keeping myself pretty occupied with non-computer things this week..its good for me..but i do miss talking to you..and you..and you.

we've almost got everything in place in the new appartment. i painted a cartoon of the four of us to hang on our kitchen wall:)
i'm working on remembering my schedule and getting things done in time for classes..i hate starting out feeling i'm trying to avoid that.
i have a lot of reading to do for school.

i'm working on order of focus.
i want to find some way to have time for:
knowing God.
taking care of my body and getting back into the clothes i own.
book work (assignments, readings, etc)
music actaully for my major, my senior recital.
other outlets: painting, guitar, drawing, writing.
and knowing people.

yeah..thats where i'm at now..i think.
i didnt realy think this out much...but i'm about to walk out the door it will have to do.

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