Friday, November 22, 2002

I posted this on a message board earlier today...but it makes great blog material...realy

i have a bit of time to spare this here's a little bit of me as of late

we at WCC are in the 2nd week of the (aweful and completely unfocused) winter trimester. It seems as though everyone i know has been walking aroun kind of dazed all week. its so difficult to start a new term knowing you'll be out again after two weeks and then again after three more weeks.

Monday i found out that i'm in charge of Publicity for the music department christmas program which happens on December 13th. Being that we are out the entire week of thanksgiving, and the show is three weeks from tomorrow..i've had a lot on my mind this week pertaining to that. This job realy scares me beause everything is on a deadline. and Everything includes a great multitude of things. But Dr. Roberts (my voice teacher) tells me that Dr. Valentine (dean of the dept) chose me for it becuase he knows i can handle a crazy schedule and get things done when i'm supposed to.

I'm actively attending three churches...

I've taken on a position as a music intern at dr. Valentine's church, 45 miles from here. I began and lead a handbell choir on sunday afternoons. Their first performance is on December 15th. That will be interesting.
I've also taken on a scholarship position at Dr. Roberts' church as a choir member on sunday mornings.
Wednesday evenings i still attend the church a am a member of for small group bible studies.

I'm teaching my first ever voice student.

For one of my music classes, (Directed Teaching of Voice) i'm required to teach a voice student who has never had private study before. the midterm and final each consist of teaching a lesson in front of Dr. Roberts so she can grade my teaching. (eek!) I'm realy excited about this...i've already taught two lessons thus far. Its difficult to get beyond the musician's jargon we all use around each other and explain things on a beginner level. My student gets free lessons out of the deal, too

My senior recital is in less than 4 months and I graduate in under 6

If you've made it this far..please pray for my family in the next month or so...especially my grandmother. This is the first holiday season since granddaddy died.

thanks kids
i love you all

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