Tuesday, November 12, 2002

adding to the anxious things...

one of the classes i am taking this term is called "Directed Teaching of Voice" which means i have to teach a voice student myself! two out of 8 lessons will be taught with Dr. Roberts sitting there watching how i work...that is sooo scarry! eek!
We even have to turn in lesson plans each week.
I'm truthfully excited about getting to share some of what i've learned all these years with someone who may otherwise not be able to take lessons. the criteria for finding students was that it had to be someone who'd never had private voice lessons..and they get free lessons out of the deal.
My first lesson with my student (Chasity) is just over an hour from now.
The things that scare me the most right now are: 1. i'm going to be tape recording the lesson so chasity can listen to the warm ups and stuff during the week. 2. i fear that i'll end up using too much musical lingo and she wont understand what i am talking about. 3. i fear that i'll teach something completely wrong.

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