Wednesday, March 28, 2007

making some adjustments

(this starts out a little tedious..but i promise i will make my point by the end of it!)

early this week i noticed that half of our track lighting was burned out...but, to my surprise, my boss actually got me replacement bulbs fairly quickly. light is shining.

today i came in and noticed that-yes, the lights were bright. but also, the lights were making the area a bit too warm. also, the direction of light wasn't doing anything for me or doing much to help people see the board much better than before the lights were replaced.

as i looked around the area...i decided to come out from behind the counter and do a little adjusting. aiming lights so that the nearest spot wasn't the one shedding light on the area..looking for glares on the menu from customer perspective...tedious..a little daunting at times when i just couldn't figure out where the light was going....but upon considering my work complete...i stood back and enjoyed the look of it.
a few hours later...i noticed, not only does the menu look nice...but it is feels cooler (less warm) than it was before and, as an added bonus, i seem to have achieved a bit of fung shui in this setting, too!

it wasn't simply a matter of replacing the bulbs that were burnt out..though...having full capacity of lighting is very helpful....what made the difference was how the light was being distributed.

i'm sure if i ponder this long enough...i'll find the spiritual application point. its there....

maybe its that once we've been given all that we need in order to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, it doesn't do to just go through the good works and motions of doesn't feel like we've got everything where it ought to be if we just take what he's given us and keep doing what we were doing to begin with...

it is then that we should ask that the Lord interrupt our lives and move stuff shed some light on the areas that we've left in shadows..and take some light off of what we had thought was so important before.

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