Sunday, June 25, 2006

short of it

i'd almost just go in and delete all of my old journal accounts...but i use them to read-up on everyone when i do ever find myself using the internet. just...seems like i end up spending so much time deleting and responding to email...browsing around things i need to look up...and then still feel like i should read what is going on with everyone..and then i'm supposed to every once and again post little blurbs about my life too? all of this when i'm only online maybe every other week for 45 minutes or something...

yes..this is your update post.

actualy..its your non-update post..because i dont feel like posting blankets of "this is whats going on" so..if you have my me and i'll tell you how my life is these days. i like to talk to the voices rather than the screens :) if you dont have my number..ask somebody else for it.

okay..okay..okay. mini-update: i'm happy, loving, and loved. i saw my fer-sis-best-friend the other day for the first time in two years. the south is still hot and humid.



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Rae said...

I think you may update even less often than I do. Good to see that you're alive and doing well. :)