Tuesday, January 17, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things

"...your favorite things... y'know...color...":
when i was little...like..6 and younger...i was always in pink or had things which were pink...or somehow...was near pink..always. after about 7 or so...i started to hate pink. along with pink, i hated red..as well. my favorite colors during my "hate of pink" stage were yellows and greens. then...i decided that blue is the end-all be-all of colors..because i theorized that there is no ugly shade of blue...at all...and it seems as though there are more blues than any other sorts of colors. i've also re-embraced red..and have recently had a lot of pink going on. i carry a pink purse with me ever single day and my shoes for work are pink and grey. its really amusing how the circle goes.

"...flavor of cake...": strawberry cake...made with strawberries in the cake and in the frosting..really really yummy...and its pink! grandma used to make it for me..durring my pink stage...and recently our cake-baker for the coffee shop reintroduced me to how yummy it is...funny..again..that circle of pink :)

"...ice cream...": peppermint...or cheesecake with raspberries...or "gingerbread cookie"...or chocolate with dark chocolate swirls and fudgey stuff

"...coffee flavor varieties (even if it changes daily)..."
im partial to costa rican coffee and mexican..and a realy nice light roasted guatemalan. i also enjoy having a single espresso shot(more on the bitter side than some shops use) with just about the amount of milk and foam to make a 4-6 oz latte. del-ish!

"...stuff like that..."

and..a topic is born!


The Fly said...

Whoohoo, Becca rules!

The Fly said...

Becca still rules. Also, I sent you my number in a Vagrant Cafe PM, so go check it out and give me a call sometime.

The Fly said...

Nevermind. I can't find your username. Maybe I'll try to track your brother down and ask him for your E-Mail addy or something.

Andre said...

I like espresso too; maybe a little too much.